Monday, December 20, 2010

*Moments In Climbing ~ 2010* Promotion - Chance to Win $50 in ClimbAddict Gear!


ClimbAddict would like to give somebody $50 in products of their choice from the ClimbAddict Shop, but how to choose the lucky winner. In this promo, it doesn't matter who you know, how hard you climb, or how much you threaten me.

Spraying, on the other hand.....may up your chances, but we'll get to that later!

First - the Goods

Your Choice - Any Item(s) from the shop -Up to $50 retail value(before shipping/handling charges; we'll take care of those).

Second - The Actions To Take
1) Go to the ClimbAddict Facebook Page and "Like" Us. This allows you to complete the next action!
2) Check out our Discussion Board, particularly this one, entitled *Moments In Climbing ~ 2010* Promotion - Chance to Win $50 in ClimbAddict Gear!
3) Make a post, in that discussion thread, about any moment from 2010 that sticks in your mind. It can be a challenge you rose to, a humiliating experience that you'll never forget, great times with good friends, whatever! You can include links to a blog post, image or video you have stored elsewhere.
- However: The post actually has to have some effort put in. We reserve the right to delete(or simply pull from random drawing) posts like "My first 5.13!" If you can climb that hard, you can do better than that with a little more effort.... We want other readers to share in the discussion and enjoy reading the input from others.

We'll make a note of each Facebook User who posts, and drop each name into a hat, randomly choosing one for the $50 in schwag.
- Promotion Begins NOW
- Promotion ends January 15, 2011PST.
- We'll announce the winner shortly thereafter(It may be a few days, as I am living in a van, traveling the southwest, and sometimes am out hiking, camping or climbing and not connected to the internet).

The winner will be notified directly(depending on whether the entry has come through Facebook, Twitter, email or Blog Comment, the notification will be sent to the corresponding link), with instructions as to how they can claim their goods.

Third - That's it! Unless you want to do more(This would be the Spraying referred to earlier....)
You can up up your chances to win, by doing taking any/all the following actions:
- Comment to this blog entry and get an extra entry point(Must post using a viable ID which clicks through to a profile we can contact you through).
- Blog about this giveaway & receive 3 extra entries. Send an email with link to blog post to
- Twitter about the promotion, including a link to this blog post, and get one bonus entry per tweet. (Must include code #CAMIC2010 so we can track the Tweet!) Here - we'll make things simple: Copy, paste/twitter away the hours, the following: ClimbAddict's Giving Away Gear Again! #CAMIC2010
- Email your friends and cc us at, 1 extra entry per email address you've sent word sent to(We will NOT collect the email addresses of your contacts, though we do reserve the right to do a little checking to verify validity, if it looks like you've made up a bunch of fake emails addies. Do that - and you're doomed. NO schwag for you! Note: The people you email to will NOT be added into the drawing for a winner. They will need to enter on their own, so be sure to be clear to them about that!).
- For each "like" your post receives, you will get one extra entry point.

That's that! If you have any questions - feel free to post her, or email directly at Good Luck - I'm looking forward to reading how 2010 went form everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

ClimbAddict's Happiegrrrl Hits the Road

Happiegrrrl, the person behind ClimbAddict, is taking the winter off! She's quit the cold of the northeast, bought one hell of a junker of a van, and headed west. On 12/4, she crossed from Texas into New Mexico, officially beginning her tour of the southwest, where she'll be climbing, hiking, photographing and generally living the leisurely life of a dirtbag.

Keep an eye on how things go through her blog, Happiegrrrl Climbing and also by following ClimbAddict on Twitter.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brooklyn Boulders On Sale!

No - not the actual climbing gym.... Brooklyn Boulders is having a winter membership sale, which begins on Black Friday(that's the day after Thanksgiving for those who haven't been exposed to mass commercialism all their life; hey - there might be one or two!).

I got an email from someone there via BKB's Facebook Page, and it read as follow:

Black Friday ONLY, NOV 26, the first 25 people to get to BKB can climb all winter for only $99. The catch is that we open @ 7AM, so you'll have to be waiting outside at like 6:45, but we'll have coffee and donuts for ya!

Cyber Monday, Nov, 29, our Winter Pass goes on sale to the general public... Unlimited climbing from the winter solstice (December 21) to the Vernal Equinox (March 20) for only $175. Purchase by November 30th and we'll let you start climbing immediately (that's 3 bonus weeks of climbing for FREE)!

Spread the word, 116 days of climbing for as low as $99... giving the gift of climbing has never been more affordable!

Gobble Gobble!

I have been to the climbing gym(although only once, but hey - when you live on the Mohonk Preserve, why would you travel to Brooklyn to climb indoors???) and I can say that I was quite impressed. The routesetters really are very good, and the plastic pieces were placed adeptly. I really DID feel like I was making moves I would do in real life(ummm...outside). Well done!

Monday, October 18, 2010

ClimbAddict Has a Website - FINALLY!

rock climbing,microfiber t-shirts for rock climbing,rock climbing t-shirts,climbaddict

Though we have had our shops through CafePress and Zazzle for several years, and this blog...and our presence on Twitter.... an actual website has alluded us all this time. I HAD a domain name - I just could NOT figure out how to build a site, nor could I afford to pay someone to do it for me!

Until last week, that is. While checking out a friend's site for Sierra Salve a beeswax-based balm for climbers tenderized tips, I noticed they used a free website builder, from Though the Sierra Salve site looked great, I figured there had to be a catch. After all - nobody gives something away for free.

Long story short, Weebly does! Though for a small fee, you can have more, the free sites are totally good enough for most uses. And so - I got

Yay for ClimbAddict!

SO - please click over
and take a look for yourself. If oyu have suggestions, feedback or just want to vent about some frustration you may can use the contact form on the site to do it!

And if you didn't already catch the site from all the clickable links in this post - HER is the link to the site:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Climbs Well With Others - I SWEAR!

Happiegrrrl Climbing has published a new post. It begins:

A lot of people who live very near the Shawangunk ridge, who say they used to be obsessed with climbing, tell me they moved here from New York City or elsewhere specifically to allow for more climbing days, but once they had been here a while, they came to the realization that they were actually getting out less! Funny, how what had been an every weekend dedication for those people had morphed into the occasional day out or even, for some, a complete hiatus in climbing.


Monday, July 19, 2010

How's My Climbing? New Design

This one is a ClimbAddict promotional design, and therefore is available with no markup on our end. You pay only the base price that CafePress charges me, plus shipping.

I'm intending to eventually get a website up(man, I suck at WordPress....) and when I do, there will be a section where people can "report" some of the Newbie Mishaps, Gumby Overkill, Couples Conundrums and other Drama at the Crag. Stories(with pictures, the better!) that get chosen to be included will win the author a free "How's My Climbing T."

rock climbing,rock climbing t-shirts,climbaddict

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God kills a puppy,rock climbing,rock climbing t-shirts,climbaddict

I feel a little bad about this one. Not because I know very well that *God* doesn't kill puppies(people, other animals, accidents, etc. kill puppies), but more because I am pandering to a pretty low common denominator by including it within the ClimbAddict shop.

But yes, I am stooping that low. For a variety of reasons. I DO draw the line somewhere, I suppose. Just not quite sure to day where that line might be.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Design "Glorified Flagpole Sitters!"


Another text design for ClimbAddict's "Quotations" Category. This one, from Warren Harding, is his notable "Actually, we're just glorified flagpole sitters."

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Design "Tail Dab!"

rock climbing,rock climbing t-shirts,climbaddict

Our latest design - "Tail Dab" shows the Devil bouldering, and sneaking in a dab. But that little angel on his shoulder(even the Devil must have a Guardian Angel) won't let him get over! Next time you get called out for a dab, just tell your spotters that the Devil made you do it!"

Shut Up and Climb!

rock climbing,rock climbing t-shirts,climbaddict

Our latest design at ClimbAddict is the Big Ape telling you all to Shut Up and Climb!

Available as shown above, and also with a variety of fashinista color backgrounds. Click Here, for the "Shut Up and Climb" section of ClimbAddict!

Monday, July 5, 2010

$3 Off all ClimbAddict T-Shirts!

The deal is:
- $3 OFF all ClimbAddict T-shirts on July 7-8th.
- Shop at
- Enter code TMINUS3 at checkout. There will be a little box titled "Have a Code?" when you go to the "Billing and Checkout" page after ordering - that's where you enter the TMINUS3
- Promotion starts on July 7, 2010, at 12:00 a.m. (PST) and ends on July 8, 2010, at 11:59 p.m. (PST)

Here are some of the designs to choose from!

Send It All With Sendital! Climbing Graphic
Send It All With Sendital!

Chalk - The Other White Powder Climbing Graphic

Chalk - The Other White Powder
Yer Gonna Die! Climbing Graphic
Yer Gonna Die!!!

Climbing Cojones Climbing Graphic
Climbing Cojones

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stickers Free With Purchase


We notice that people are coming to our shop through the various engines when querying "free climbing stickers." In the past we have had some free sticker giveaways, online as well as at various events: climbing competitions and workshops, film festivals, etc. It seems to me that there ought to be a way to get those free stickers out to people when they are looking for them, and we want to do just that.

Though we can't make an all-the-time, always-free, offer at this time(If our success ever reaches a profitable point, we PROMISE to change that! Or at least offer free with SASE.), we can do this:

Free Sticker Pack With the Purchase of $30 or more from either of our ClimbAddict Shops!

Here's how to get the goods:
1) Shop via ClimbAddict on CafePress or Zazzle and make a purchase of at least $30.00(before any tax, shipping & handling charges are applied).
2) Send an email to and include the following:
- Name and address
- The Purchase Order Number from your order(the number will be shown on your invoice)
3) We'll confirm via email, and get the stickers out to you asap! We won't save your contact information or pass it to any other source. Nor will we contact you beyond the initial confirmation that we have received your request. That's a promise!

Here is an example of some of our current stickers. We do change things up as we reorder batches, but all stickers are artwork of designs offered within the shop. Your packet will include between 3 and 5 stickers, one of which will be a ClimbAddict logo sticker.

ClimbAddict,climbing,climbing t-shirt

We also still have a lot of our ClimbAddict Condoms, from The Great ClimbAddict Pro-Motion and Booty Giveaway!. If you'd like us to include a few of those - please make a point to request them in your email. We won't send condoms out automatically; they must specifically be requested.
ClimbAddict Condoms

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Want MicroFiber?

One of the reasons that ClimbAddict has a secondary shop at is because not only does Zazzle offer a wide array of fashion t-shirts, but they have microfiber t-shirts, tanks and long sleeved tops.

rock climbing,climbing t-shirts,climbaddict
Long Sleeved Microfiber T-Shirt

Though both our shops have some products exclusively available, many of our most popular designs are available at both. In some cases, you can shop one-stop(such as for t-shirts and coffee mugs), but if you want a Sigg bottle or a microfiber t-shirt, it's one or the other, at least for now.

Zazzle has a different layout than our main shop, where each design is shown on every available product. At Zazzle, you choose "a" t-shirt, or "a mug," from the smaller selection shown for each design. Then, once you've opened that window, you click through for the available products. There are more that 30 t-shirt styles to choose from! And mug choices are from 6 coffee mug options alone, two travel mugs, two frosted mugs and two steins.

To get to the Microfiber items - First, choose your design from out Home Page. Then, simply click on ANY t-shirt. It doesn't matter if it's a men's, women's or kid's style. You'll see a smaller Text message to the bottom right-hand side of the main image, which says "Choose Your Style and Color." Click it!

rock climbing,climbing t-shirts,climbaddict
Women's Microfiber Singlet

Decide if you're a man or woman(or shopping in that category) or "All" and a new window will open up showing your design on each of the available options. Along the upper portion of THAT windown, you'll notice subcategories. Our microfiber items are all under the "Sport" category. Click that, and they magically appear. Simply choose the product you're interested in, and a new image with all the details will load.

Sounds complicated? Yeah....I know. It really does. But I promise you that once you go through the motions, it's not so bad after all. Not the way I would have set up an e-commerce site....

rock climbing,climbing t-shirts,climbaddict
Women's Microfiber T-Shirt

By the way, Zazzle has an excellent reputation for quality products, print technique and customer service, same as our main shop. So never worry that you'll be stuck if you don't like the item once you have it in your hands.

rock climbing,climbing t-shirts,climbaddict
Men's Microfiber T-Shirt

While I have your attention - Did you know that ClimbAddict has expanded, to include a more general selection of designs? Well - we have! And we want your support, too. Our "Mother Ship," Outrageous Tees, is found at Our tag line says "T-Shirts for Every Body" and while we may not be there yet, someday our prints WILL come! Won't you please pop over and take a look? And then bookmark, keep coming back to see what we've added and let your friends know about us too.

Monday, February 22, 2010

And the Winner(s) Is____

Thanks to all who SASE'd ClimbAddict for The Great ClimbAddict Pro-Motion and Booty Giveaway! We're packing up the goods and sending out in...probably tomorrow's mail.

THREE LUCKY WINNERS were chosen at random, form all the entries received! They get $50 in goods from the ClimbAddict Shop, and of course the same stickers and condoms as everyone else.

So - who won? I'lll tell you who:
- D. Li, from Atlanta, GA was winner #1
- E. Hallworth, from Longmont, CO also was one of the lucky ones
- T. Higbee, from Provo, UT was our 3rd pick of the litter

Instructions on how to get the goods will be included in their sticker packs.

Now...supposing you missed out on the stickers and condoms deal? Guess what? We do still have a stash left over. Not tooooo many,but enough I can safely say that - if you send us an SASE within the next week or so, we can hook you up.
The address is here. Get 'em while you're hot!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Great ClimbAddict Pro-Motion and Booty Giveaway!

2/15 NOTE: Entries for the contest must have been postmarked by 2/14. If you're reading this - you missed the deadline for the drawing! However, we can still send you some condoms and stickers (if you send us the SASE) within the next few days.

ClimbAddict is giving away pro. That's right, you heard right. The word of the night is "protection." We got it; you want it and we're gonna give you what you want.

The other word is "Booty." Who doesn't love finding booty? Whether it's a big cam wedged tight in a slot, abandoned and waiting for you to save it or a cutie looking for a belay, booty is good any way you look at it.

And yes, we are just full of the double entendre these days.


So, here's the deal:

ClimbAddict has invested in a huge stash of prophylactics, emblazoned with our logo(for promotional purposes, of course), and we want you to have them(that's the pro).

After all, Valentine's Day is right around the bend. Some of us are all set; in love with a lovely person. Others may be not so lucky and thus are on the hunt. Whether climbing at the crag or snuggling at the bivy, we want you to be safe. Thus, our tag line: "If You Aren't Free Soling ~ Use protection!"

Not only that! - We'll randomly choose three people to select products from our shop with a retail value of up to $50(there's the booty). Oh, and we'll also throw in some stickers of our more popular designs along with the condoms.

Guidelines to Enter:
- Send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to the following address:
"ClimbAddict Pro-Motion" C/O T. Marcoe
152 W 20th St., #4B
New York, NY 10011

- Make sure you've got the 44 cents stamp on the thing(for residents of the US. Outside the US, see below). Postal rates recently went up, if you didn't know.

- Envelopes must be postmarked by February 14th, 2010(Yeah, we know. That's a Sunday. But it's Valentine's day, and since this is our V-Day promo, it seems wrong to choose a day the post office is open just to make the picayune happy.)

- Write your address legibly. If we can't read it, we'll send you the condoms anyway, and let the civil service employees deal with it, but we won't include it in the drawing. Sorry; we make the rules.

- Three random winners will be selected from all the (legible) entries received who will be offered their selection of goods from the ClimbAddict shop. The drawing will take place on or around February 21st(Another Sunday! No rest for the wicked...).

- Winners will be notified by mail, with instruction as to how to redeem their prizes. Winners will be announced on this blog and also on ClimbAddict's Twitter account, at Follow us on Twitter for announcement and to get other updates!

- You should probably be 18 years old to enter, since for sure some parent, somewhere, is going to get upset their kid is getting condoms handed to them. If you're not 18, just tell them you know darned well what the thing is and what it's for; it's a water balloon, fer chrisakes....

- If you're out of the US, that's cool. We like everybody, and so long as the post office ships to your country, we will too! However - IF you aren't in the US, please make sure the postage on the SASE is sufficient to get the packet back to you. We aren't going to check to be sure.

Note: We will not save, harvest, sell, trade, or in any way use your contact information provided - except to send out the rubbers/stickers and notifications to the lucky three randoms. That's a promise.

If you have any questions or comments, you can post them below. We'll see them and respond here. Or - email us at

CLIMBING GYMS, GEAR STORES, and OTHERS interested in having a printed version to share with others: Download PDF Flyers for the promotion here:
Contest Flyer
Contest Guidelines

Friday, January 15, 2010

ClimbAddict,climbing,climbing t-shirt

Graceful, balanced and All-Out Rockin Style - That's how Girls climb!
Go Directly to the Store Section