Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Great ClimbAddict Pro-Motion and Booty Giveaway!

2/15 NOTE: Entries for the contest must have been postmarked by 2/14. If you're reading this - you missed the deadline for the drawing! However, we can still send you some condoms and stickers (if you send us the SASE) within the next few days.

ClimbAddict is giving away pro. That's right, you heard right. The word of the night is "protection." We got it; you want it and we're gonna give you what you want.

The other word is "Booty." Who doesn't love finding booty? Whether it's a big cam wedged tight in a slot, abandoned and waiting for you to save it or a cutie looking for a belay, booty is good any way you look at it.

And yes, we are just full of the double entendre these days.


So, here's the deal:

ClimbAddict has invested in a huge stash of prophylactics, emblazoned with our logo(for promotional purposes, of course), and we want you to have them(that's the pro).

After all, Valentine's Day is right around the bend. Some of us are all set; in love with a lovely person. Others may be not so lucky and thus are on the hunt. Whether climbing at the crag or snuggling at the bivy, we want you to be safe. Thus, our tag line: "If You Aren't Free Soling ~ Use protection!"

Not only that! - We'll randomly choose three people to select products from our shop with a retail value of up to $50(there's the booty). Oh, and we'll also throw in some stickers of our more popular designs along with the condoms.

Guidelines to Enter:
- Send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to the following address:
"ClimbAddict Pro-Motion" C/O T. Marcoe
152 W 20th St., #4B
New York, NY 10011

- Make sure you've got the 44 cents stamp on the thing(for residents of the US. Outside the US, see below). Postal rates recently went up, if you didn't know.

- Envelopes must be postmarked by February 14th, 2010(Yeah, we know. That's a Sunday. But it's Valentine's day, and since this is our V-Day promo, it seems wrong to choose a day the post office is open just to make the picayune happy.)

- Write your address legibly. If we can't read it, we'll send you the condoms anyway, and let the civil service employees deal with it, but we won't include it in the drawing. Sorry; we make the rules.

- Three random winners will be selected from all the (legible) entries received who will be offered their selection of goods from the ClimbAddict shop. The drawing will take place on or around February 21st(Another Sunday! No rest for the wicked...).

- Winners will be notified by mail, with instruction as to how to redeem their prizes. Winners will be announced on this blog and also on ClimbAddict's Twitter account, at Follow us on Twitter for announcement and to get other updates!

- You should probably be 18 years old to enter, since for sure some parent, somewhere, is going to get upset their kid is getting condoms handed to them. If you're not 18, just tell them you know darned well what the thing is and what it's for; it's a water balloon, fer chrisakes....

- If you're out of the US, that's cool. We like everybody, and so long as the post office ships to your country, we will too! However - IF you aren't in the US, please make sure the postage on the SASE is sufficient to get the packet back to you. We aren't going to check to be sure.

Note: We will not save, harvest, sell, trade, or in any way use your contact information provided - except to send out the rubbers/stickers and notifications to the lucky three randoms. That's a promise.

If you have any questions or comments, you can post them below. We'll see them and respond here. Or - email us at

CLIMBING GYMS, GEAR STORES, and OTHERS interested in having a printed version to share with others: Download PDF Flyers for the promotion here:
Contest Flyer
Contest Guidelines

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