Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Climbers Gift Guide - Holiday Gifts for Rock Climbers

While this is nowhere near a comprehensive guide to the many great items that a rock climber might like, I hope your curiosity will be piqued, and you'll click through and see what these small businesses are offering. 

Of course I have added a few selected items from ClimbAddict and Talisman Studios(shops I own). The other items are made by people I have met and climbed with, or know through the Etsy Climbers Team which is a group of sellers on the Etsy platform who are also rock climbers!

If you see something you like, click through and you'll be delivered to the sellers website, where you can purchase the item and see what else they offer. And = perhaps you'll help us out and share the link to this guide on your social media pages, and help give these small businesses so exposure.
One of the best sellers for ClimbAddict, the See No Beta design is available in many styles, colors and designs - T-shirts, Hoodies, Water Bottles, Stickers and more.

 Hand-crafted necklaces with satin cord to resemble climbing rope.  Contact the seller and work together to create custom colors.

 Sierra Salve is but one of several great products, from blended teas and muscle rubs to soothe your body and soul after a good day of climbing.

Stone Metal Design offers wonderful beaded jewelry in addition to their stopper necklaces.

ClimbAddict Chalkbags, Made one by one in a home studio with a window view of the Millbrook section of the Gunks.
Another graphic from ClimbAddict - available on an assortment of products including holiday ornaments and cel phone cases.

Vertigo also makes durable nylon chalkbags!
A new training tool for the home climbing gym. G-String grips are adjustable to provide options in hang style.

Collectible vintage buttons repurposed as ponytail holders, keep long hair out of the rappel device and make a pretty hair accessory whether at the crag, office or out on the town.

 Hill Country Designs has several very cute hand-printed t-shirts and other clothing items - many with climbing motifs.
A wonderful collection of clothing items, for men, women and children