Monday, February 22, 2010

And the Winner(s) Is____

Thanks to all who SASE'd ClimbAddict for The Great ClimbAddict Pro-Motion and Booty Giveaway! We're packing up the goods and sending out in...probably tomorrow's mail.

THREE LUCKY WINNERS were chosen at random, form all the entries received! They get $50 in goods from the ClimbAddict Shop, and of course the same stickers and condoms as everyone else.

So - who won? I'lll tell you who:
- D. Li, from Atlanta, GA was winner #1
- E. Hallworth, from Longmont, CO also was one of the lucky ones
- T. Higbee, from Provo, UT was our 3rd pick of the litter

Instructions on how to get the goods will be included in their sticker packs.

Now...supposing you missed out on the stickers and condoms deal? Guess what? We do still have a stash left over. Not tooooo many,but enough I can safely say that - if you send us an SASE within the next week or so, we can hook you up.
The address is here. Get 'em while you're hot!