Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stickers Free With Purchase


We notice that people are coming to our shop through the various engines when querying "free climbing stickers." In the past we have had some free sticker giveaways, online as well as at various events: climbing competitions and workshops, film festivals, etc. It seems to me that there ought to be a way to get those free stickers out to people when they are looking for them, and we want to do just that.

Though we can't make an all-the-time, always-free, offer at this time(If our success ever reaches a profitable point, we PROMISE to change that! Or at least offer free with SASE.), we can do this:

Free Sticker Pack With the Purchase of $30 or more from either of our ClimbAddict Shops!

Here's how to get the goods:
1) Shop via ClimbAddict on CafePress or Zazzle and make a purchase of at least $30.00(before any tax, shipping & handling charges are applied).
2) Send an email to ClimbAddictDesigns@gmail.com and include the following:
- Name and address
- The Purchase Order Number from your order(the number will be shown on your invoice)
3) We'll confirm via email, and get the stickers out to you asap! We won't save your contact information or pass it to any other source. Nor will we contact you beyond the initial confirmation that we have received your request. That's a promise!

Here is an example of some of our current stickers. We do change things up as we reorder batches, but all stickers are artwork of designs offered within the shop. Your packet will include between 3 and 5 stickers, one of which will be a ClimbAddict logo sticker.

ClimbAddict,climbing,climbing t-shirt

We also still have a lot of our ClimbAddict Condoms, from The Great ClimbAddict Pro-Motion and Booty Giveaway!. If you'd like us to include a few of those - please make a point to request them in your email. We won't send condoms out automatically; they must specifically be requested.
ClimbAddict Condoms

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