Monday, December 20, 2010

*Moments In Climbing ~ 2010* Promotion - Chance to Win $50 in ClimbAddict Gear!


ClimbAddict would like to give somebody $50 in products of their choice from the ClimbAddict Shop, but how to choose the lucky winner. In this promo, it doesn't matter who you know, how hard you climb, or how much you threaten me.

Spraying, on the other hand.....may up your chances, but we'll get to that later!

First - the Goods

Your Choice - Any Item(s) from the shop -Up to $50 retail value(before shipping/handling charges; we'll take care of those).

Second - The Actions To Take
1) Go to the ClimbAddict Facebook Page and "Like" Us. This allows you to complete the next action!
2) Check out our Discussion Board, particularly this one, entitled *Moments In Climbing ~ 2010* Promotion - Chance to Win $50 in ClimbAddict Gear!
3) Make a post, in that discussion thread, about any moment from 2010 that sticks in your mind. It can be a challenge you rose to, a humiliating experience that you'll never forget, great times with good friends, whatever! You can include links to a blog post, image or video you have stored elsewhere.
- However: The post actually has to have some effort put in. We reserve the right to delete(or simply pull from random drawing) posts like "My first 5.13!" If you can climb that hard, you can do better than that with a little more effort.... We want other readers to share in the discussion and enjoy reading the input from others.

We'll make a note of each Facebook User who posts, and drop each name into a hat, randomly choosing one for the $50 in schwag.
- Promotion Begins NOW
- Promotion ends January 15, 2011PST.
- We'll announce the winner shortly thereafter(It may be a few days, as I am living in a van, traveling the southwest, and sometimes am out hiking, camping or climbing and not connected to the internet).

The winner will be notified directly(depending on whether the entry has come through Facebook, Twitter, email or Blog Comment, the notification will be sent to the corresponding link), with instructions as to how they can claim their goods.

Third - That's it! Unless you want to do more(This would be the Spraying referred to earlier....)
You can up up your chances to win, by doing taking any/all the following actions:
- Comment to this blog entry and get an extra entry point(Must post using a viable ID which clicks through to a profile we can contact you through).
- Blog about this giveaway & receive 3 extra entries. Send an email with link to blog post to
- Twitter about the promotion, including a link to this blog post, and get one bonus entry per tweet. (Must include code #CAMIC2010 so we can track the Tweet!) Here - we'll make things simple: Copy, paste/twitter away the hours, the following: ClimbAddict's Giving Away Gear Again! #CAMIC2010
- Email your friends and cc us at, 1 extra entry per email address you've sent word sent to(We will NOT collect the email addresses of your contacts, though we do reserve the right to do a little checking to verify validity, if it looks like you've made up a bunch of fake emails addies. Do that - and you're doomed. NO schwag for you! Note: The people you email to will NOT be added into the drawing for a winner. They will need to enter on their own, so be sure to be clear to them about that!).
- For each "like" your post receives, you will get one extra entry point.

That's that! If you have any questions - feel free to post her, or email directly at Good Luck - I'm looking forward to reading how 2010 went form everyone!

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