Friday, April 1, 2011

Win A T-Shirt in ClimbAddict's April Word Scramble!

Our newest promotional event is a word scramble. Here's how!

Using the letters(all or some) in the climbing crag listed, create a word. This month's climbing crag is:

Joshua Tree Word Scramble

1 - Each letter has a numerical value, as shown above.

2 - Using some or all of the letters, make a word, trying to get the highest score in letter value.

3 - Go to ClimbAddict's Facebook Page, "Like Us" and then click here to add your entry into the April Word Scramble discussion thread.

4 - Words must be in English, properly spelled, and may include proper nouns as well as recognized slang. Happiegrrrl has the discretion to void a word if she never heard of it and cannot locate a reference through usual sources...

5 - The person with the highest word score will win a T-shirt of their choice from the ClimbAddict eShop, with a value up to $30(not including Shipping/Handling).

6 - On duplicate word entries, the first entry prevails.

7 - On tied high scores, the earliest entry prevails.

8 - Contest runs now through midnight on April 30th, 2011, Eastern Standard Time.

9 - Winner will be notified via email to their Facebook entry.

Questions or Comment? Comment here, or email me at Good Luck, and Happy Climbing!

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