Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Chances to Win T-Shirts!

Looking at my website stats this morning, I noticed that someone got to my website by Googling "How to make a rock climber happy." I looked at the links Google provided, and don't think they really gave the viewer what they were looking for.

So let's us do that! For the next week, post your ideas on how to make a rock climber happy. Make your posts at the ClimbAddict Designs Facebook Page. I'll draw a random number(will use http://www.graphpad.com/quickcalcs/randomn1.cfm) and the post that is that number will win a free T-shirt from ClimbAddict!

This contest runs through Tuesday, April 26 at midnight EST. Winner will be notified via FaceBook.

The SECOND Contest runs through April, and is a word scramble contest. So ra only one person has entered, but they kicked butt with a high score. C'mon - Try to top it! The link for the Word scramble Contest is here.

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